Frequently Asked Questions 

Where is Shure Studios Located at? 

 Shure Studios, located in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. What 

What services does Shure Studios provide?

Shure Studios offers private piano studies for children and adults, voice training, chamber music coaching and choral opportunities.

What are Shure Studios goals with students?

The goal of Shure Studios is to train students to become better musicians using a comprehensive study plan. Including development of good practice habits, building technique, understanding musical structure and interpretation, as well as rhythm, theory, sight-reading, harmony, and other areas. It is a primary goal of the Studio to provide students with a foundation of understanding of the language of music so that they will be equipped with the tools to continue to grow on their own long after their lessons have been completed.

Why Should I Take Lessons?

There are as many reasons to take lessons as there are different types of people. Some people may have studied as a child and now want to renew their enjoyment and commitment as an adult. Others may want their children to experience the wonderful world of music. Many are simply looking for an outlet to express their creativity, and some just want to have fun!

Are Lessons Just For Children?

Absolutely not! Lessons are for the young and the young at heart. Children and adults of all ages are encouraged to express their creativity. If you have never taken lessons or you took lessons as a child and want to brush up, Shure Studios is perfect for you.

How Often Are Lessons?

Each student has an individual lesson plan with goals and objectives. Generally speaking, lessons take place weekly for one hour.


Can Parents Sit In On Lessons?

Absolutely. We encourage parents to become involved in their child's musical education.

We consider studying an investment and stress the importance of making sure that the child is prepared for their lessons by overseeing daily practice time.

Are You Going To Make Me Perform In Public?

It is the goal of Shure Studios that students enjoy their musical experience and, in doing so, performance opportunities are available. If you would like the opportunity to perform, but are a little nervous, we can help. We want you to enjoy your musical experience at the level most comfortable to you.


Shure Studios is a member of the Ohio Music Teachers Association, Music Teachers National Association, Steinway Educators Partnership, the Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce, 89.7 WKSU FM, and the American Symphony Orchestra League.

Mr. Shure is a member of the State Board of Directors for the Ohio Music Teachers Association and Vice President for Marketing and Development for the Summit County OMTA. Mr. Shure is also the Ohio Coordinator for the Music Teachers National Association's Student Composition Competition. Mr. Shure is a member of the Akron Symphony Chorus where he serves on the Chorus Relations Committee, on the Artistic Policy Committee for the Orchestra's Board of Directors, and as Bass Section Leader. Mr. Shure is a member of the American Choral Directors Association and Chorus America.

Mr. Shure performs and teaches on a Steinway piano.